Friday, July 10, 2015

Toshiie Maeda

Toshiie Maeda was born as a child of Toshimasa Maeda which was the powerful family of the Owari country.

Toshiie became the member of bodyguards of Nobunaga Oda and played an active part.
Toshiie came to be called Yari no Mataza by this activity.

Toshiie married Matsu (Hoshun-in).

Because he caused Juami and the argument of the palace attendant, and Toshiie cut it, angered Nobunaga and was ousted.

Because Toshiie contributed in Battle of Okehazama, it was permitted by Nobunaga.

Magoshiro (Toshinaga Maeda) of the eldest son was born to Toshiie.

As for Toshiie, Toshihisa which was an older brother posthumously of Toshimasa which was father inherited birthright, but Toshiie inherited the former country house by instructions of Nobunaga.

After having subdued the earnestness riot of the Echizen country, Toshiie became a daimyo.

Toshiie did three groups for a war of Uozu Castle.

Toshiie acted as the part of arbitration between Hashiba (Toyotomi) Hideyoshi and Katsuie Shibata after Incident at Honnoji temple.

Toshiie was finally assigned to the Hideyoshi side in Battle of Shizugatake.

As for Toshiie, Suemori-jo Castle was attacked in Narimasa Sassa of the Ecchu country which fought against Hideyoshi, but repulsed it. (Buttle of Suemori-jo Castle)

Toshiie was embedded with Ecchu attack of Hashiba (Toyotomi) Hideyoshi and made success.

Toshiie was left absence of Osaka to on the occasion of Kyushu attack of Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

Toshiie was embedded with an Odawara-jo Castle attack and contributed by Matsuida-jo Castle and Hachigata-jo Castle of Hojo, a Hachioji-jo Castle attack.

It is said that Toshiie was trusted among chief vassals under the Hideyoshi Administration most.

Hideyoshi Toyotomi died.

It was depended on Mitsunari Ishida, and Toshiie became a boss of anti-Ieyasu Tokugawa just before a war of Sekigahara.
However, Toshiie judged that cooperation with the Tokugawas was preferable for the future of the Toyotomis and I visited Ieyasu in spite of a disease and was reconciled with each other.

Toshiie died of illness in Osaka.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Francis Xavier Anecdote

Question from the Japanese who was troubled with Xavier

Francis Xavier propagated it in each place of Japan, but many Japanese have asked him.

"Why did the teaching that was hard to be like it not come to Japan so far?"

And "how is the ancestor of us who did not hear the teaching that I am thankful for now where?"

In other words what happens to the dead ancestors though oneself are baptized and may be saved without being baptized?

After all do you fall into the hell?

The then Japanese asked Xavier such a question.

In Christianity, Xavier answered so originally because all the people who were not baptized were hell.

Then a Japanese pursues it.

"God whom you believe in is very merciless, and are you not incompetent?"

If it is the Almighty God, you may save my ancestors

Xavier was troubled and wrote it in the letter as follows.

When "a Japanese has high culture standard and is not a very excellent propagator, the propagation of Japan will have a hard time"

There did not seem to be the human being who asked then China and Korea and Indochina such a question.

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mitsunari Ishida Anecdote3

Mitsunari employ Sakon Shima in a high salary

It is Sakon Shima who is a chief vassal of Mitsunari, but there is a famous anecdote even if this Court Security Office proves right if I serve Mitsunari.

As for this, Mitsunari is said to be a story when he had main increase 40,000 stones of the Mizuguchi Castle.
 (there are various opinions about Mitsunari having had really become the Mizuguchi lord of a castle.)

Hideyoshi called Mitsunari and asked him.

"I increased salaries, but did you increase the retainers like how many people this time?"

Mitsunari answered in this way.

"It is only one."

Ridiculous Hideyoshi heard it.

"On earth whom did you make a retainer?"

Mitsunari answered.

"It is Sakon Shima."

Hideyoshi said in wonder.

"Sakon Shima is a celebrity of the world.

It is not a person serving the person of the scanty salary like a master.

Did you employ him with higher how much salary?"

Mitsunari answered.

"I employed Sakon with half 20,000 stones of my salary high 40,000 stone."

Hideyoshi who heard this said while laughing.

"I have not heard that a salary was the only same as a subordinate.

However, otherwise the person like the Court Security Office will not serve Mitsunari."

Of course there are various opinions whether this anecdote is true as expected.

It is and cannot support the first questionable point from positive historical materials about this whether Mitsunari has really become the Mizuguchi lord of a castle for the moment.

There are various opinions about the time when Sakon Shima served Mitsunari.

In the meantime, it will be sure that Mitsunari employed Sakon Shima in a high salary surprising people.

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mitsunari Ishida Anecdote2

Activity in the Shizugatake.

Mitsunari Ishida seems to have an elite and a bright person pale for some reason, the image of the schemer.

Of course the real images are different, but it is apt to be considered that it is the person who is not good at much bravery.

However, it is left for the record in the Shizugatake to have done the activity that Mitsunari breaks such an image.

At first Kiyomasa Kato, Masanori Fukushima and others float, but, speaking of activity in the Shizugatake, there is the record that played an active part that Mitsunari is not inferior to this time, them in.

The running fight of the Shizugatake was a considerable all-out war for Hideyoshi.

It is thought that Mitsunari played a daring role in that.

Mitsunari has that I dealt with information gathering for a record by the fight of the Shizugatake and, as for his special feature, it is thought even if there was it here.

In any case Mitsunari is good at strategic eyes, and it is thought that the nature as the military commander was good unlike the image like the civil officer.

For example, even Oshi Castle attack, a Korean position shows definite strategic eyes.

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Mitsunari Ishida Anecdote1

Tea - Mitsunari, Hideyoshi of a kind of ceremony at a temple, episode of the encounter.

It is a famous anecdote of Mitsunari Ishida.

In front of Shiga, Nagahama Station, there is the image of Mitsunari Ishida and Hideyoshi Toyotomi in connection with this a kind of ceremony at a temple's banquet tea, too.

One day Hideyoshi who became important of the Nagahama Castle did falconry in possessing it.

Hideyoshi learned the return, the dehydration of the throat and he dropped in at a certain temple and required tea.

First the page in a temple who dealt made rather lukewarm tea for one serving from green powder in a large bowl and took it out.

After having drunk it up at a stretch, dry Hideyoshi of the throat required it another one cup.

The page took out the tea which he made slightly rather hot to a slightly smallish porcelain bowl next.

After wishing, Hideyoshi started the tea which he made to a small-sized porcelain bowl hot another one cup this time for trial.

The page looked at the state of the person and started it in the state that the person wanted.

Hideyoshi made interest for the consideration of the page and he was with the page in a castle and assumed it a return retainer.

It succeeded in life afterwards, and this page became one of the five magistrates in charge of the administration of state affairs, Mitsunari Ishida.

At first the page fully starts the lukewarm tea which it is easy to drink to the dry partner of the throat and has you taste hot tea slowly after thirst was cured.

This anecdote is talked about as an example of the attention widely.

It is argued slightly with "a certain temple" which became the stage of a kind of ceremony at a court noble's banquet tea.

Kanonji of Ohara and a Lotus sutra temple of Furuhashi are convincing opinions, and "the well of the Mitsunari making tea" is in Kanonji for the moment.

Is this anecdote only true?

It has a question very much.

It is all the kind of the graceless hand of Edo period, and the reliability has few historical materials that an anecdote appears in.

This anecdote is like the story of Mitsunari many other that was made during the Edo period , there is also a theory that has been created in demean the boy of the temple born of Samsung .

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Benkei Musashibo

Benkei Musashibo makes the military commander who lived forlate Heian period, followers of Yoshitsune Minamoto; and nobody of the Yoshitsune best four King.

Benkei served Yoshitsune triggered by a fight in Yoshitsune Minamoto and Gojo Ohashi and let loyalty go through until he was killed in a decisive battle of Kinugawa.

A formidable man is superior in not only the prominent martial arts as the fakir but also the ingenuity, and the story of that "Kanjincho" is famous as a subject of Kabuki.

As for the formidable man, some idiomatic phrases that an anecdote and a formidable man about him caused it stay only to the famous armed monk.

I give words with much what is used now in Japan.

"Benkei's Standing Death"(Benkei-no-tachiohjo)
Words to express the formidable man who Benkei remain standing in the place even if a formidable man receives innumerable arrows to a whole body by a battle of Kinugawa, and was going to protect Yoshitsune.

It turned and came to mean an at a loss state.

"Benkei's Weak Point"(Benkei-no-nakidokoro)
It is human vital parts such as shins.
It is a vital part that even the hero like Benkei sheds tears if here is hit and complains of pain of.

One having a pain in is because it absorbs a shock thinly, and muscle and fat cannot disperse.

"The Achilles' tendon" is famous for a vital part of the human body, and even a genius points to the place becoming the weak point both.

It turned, and it was with words to point to the weakest place of a strong person, a few weak points.

"Benkei's paraphernalia"(Benkei-no-nanatsudougu)
The words that turned from seven weapons said to that a formidable man owned it.
It point to the thing that it is full of complete sets with seven.

detective of the paraphernalia , election of the samurai etc...

"Lion at home, outside guardian deity of children"
A proverb to make it strong like a formidable man in the house, but to mean a thing becoming quiet like a doll outside the house.
The words named "the internet formidable man" are used in a meaning to make fun of an aggressive human being only in internet now.

"Reading by false groupings"(ginata-yomi)
A formidable man is the words of the origin.
It's used as a kind of wordplay.
The words that can interpret two in one sentence.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Yoritomo Minamoto

Yoritomo Minamoto was born as the third son of Yoshitomo Minamotono.
A revolt of Hogen happened.

A revolt of Heiji happened and lost though Yoritomo participated in the war at the age of 13 years old according to father.  

Yoshitomo that was father of Yoritomo was murdered.
As for Yoritomo Minamoto, Izu country Hirugakojima for approximately 20 years.

Yoshitsune was left in Kurama-temple.

Yoritomo founded Meigetsu-in to condole with father killed in action in a revolt of Heiji.

It was over Yoshitsune, Kurama-temple and went to Oshu.

Kiyomori Taira punished a revolt of anti-Heike clan of subordinates of Emperor Goshirakawa. (Shishigatani Incident)

Yoritomo Minamoto married Masako Hojo in Izu.

Kiyomori Taira confined Emperor Goshirakawa in a revolt.

Yoritomo is Izu Nirayama; of the Heike hunt raised an army.
The description of the Agatsumakagami was started

Yoritomo defeated in Mt. Ishibashi.(34 years old)
He fled into Awa. (fight of the Mt. Ishibashi)

To Yoritomo, Awa and Sagami and a samurai of anti-Heike clan of Musashi concentrated it.

Yoritomo took 40,000 big armies from Awa and went to Kamakura.

Yoritomo in order to and kill Mr Taira, it was starting the Kamakura toward the west.

A pair pitched a camp at the Yoritomo forces in Heike clan forces and Fujikawa (Shizuoka).
(the Battle of Fujikawa)

Heike clan flighted.

Yoshitsune Minamoto met it with Yoritomo in the Kise River.  

Kiyomori Taira died. (the government of Heike clan became extinct)

Hojo Masako became pregnant..

Yoriie Minamotono was born.

Heike family dispatched the big army of 100,000 people to Ecchu to hunt down and kill Yoshinaka Kiso.

The Yoshinaka Kiso forces beat Heike family in Mt. Tonami (battle of the Kurikara Pass)

Yoshinaka Kiso carried out a revolt.
He confined Emperor Goshirakawa.  

Yoshitsune beat Heike family in Ichinoya.
Heike family left for Yashima. (battle of Ichinoya)

Yoritomo killed Yoshitaka Kiso of the hostage.

As for Yoshitsune, a police and judicial chief in ancient times was appointed by Emperor Goshirakawa.

Opposition of Yoritomo and Yoshitsune begins at this time.

Attack Yashima to Yoshitsune so that Yoritomo supports Noriyori ordered it.

Yoshitsune defeated the Heike clan at Yashima with Noriyori.. (battle of Yashima)

Yoshitsune defeated Heike family in Dannoura. (battle of Dannoura)

The Emperor Antoku died.

Heike clan was ruined.

Yoshitsune sent Koshigoe letter to Yoritomo in Koshigoe of Kamakura.

Yoritomo dispatched Shoshun Tosanobo to assassinate Yoshitsune.
However, it is found out, and Masatoshi is killed    

Emperor Goshirakawa did an order to hunt down and kill Yoritomo to Yoshitsune.
However, the order of the Yoshitsune hunt was given by pressure of Yoritomo adversely.

Yoritomo employed the protection, a lord of a manor in the whole country.
To national rule by the Kamakura Shogunate.

Yoritomo erected Shochojuin to pray for Yoshitomo Minamotono who was father.

Yoritomo watched a dance of Shizuka in a Hachiman shrine.

Yoshitsune relied on Hidehira Fujiwara of Oshu from Enryaku-ji Temple.

Yoritomo murdered Hidehira Fujiwara.

Yoritomo gave an order to hunt down and kill Yoshitsune again.

It was attacked by Yasuhira Fujiwara, and Yoshitsune killed himself with Koromogawanotachi. (31 years old)

Yoritomo went to Hiraizumi.
He let Fujiwara of Oshu ruin.

Yoritomo began the erection of the Eifuku temple to cheer up the soul of Yoshitsune and Yasuhira Fujiwara.

Emperor Goshirakawa died (66 years old)

Yoritomo become the Generalissimo for the Subjugation of Barbarians.
(the Kamakura Shogunate was born)

Sanetomo Minamotono was born.

Yoritomo expelled Noriyori to Izu and killed it.

Yoritomo erected an ability storehouse temple to condole with Daisuke Miura Yoshiaki.

A daughter, the eldest daughter of a noble family of Yoritomo died.

Yoritomo died (53 years old)

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